Friday, 22 September 2017

 The course is looking good for the first day of Autumn.  Lots of cutting on the course this week whilst growth is still good.  4 of the staff attended a tree survey course during the week.  This will enable us to write a concise, accurate and detailed plan of potentially dangerous, damaged and diseased plants on the course.  Allowing a timeline for actions in each case.

Looking good
The 14th rear Tee upper has now been finished awaiting warm weather.  Cores from hollowtining were roughly spread and compacted, followed by a ton and a half of divot mix.  Once we had leveled using the bunker rake and then hand rake we seeded and fed the tee.  Some tree pruning was done and will help light levels and a grow cover will be used next week to speed up seed growth.




The first tee upper is about to be rebuilt.  By far the most uneven tee this will be completely remodeled over the coming weeks, with a new shape, irrigation, new levels and a re-turf before a relaunch in spring next year.  The tee will move to a mat from Monday morning.
Mats around the course have been cleaned this week although they won't be in-play until nearer November this year. 

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