Monday, 15 April 2019

Last few jobs being finished before we concentrate on the golf course for the summer.  Lawns out the front are and have consistently been rubbish so we are replacing with membrane topped up with bark.  Once these are finished we will be putting in some planters and brightening up the entrance.


 White posts around the putting green are being removed.  They serve no purpose and are a visual eyesore.  We have pulled out the posts and then ground out the remaining tarmac to create a clean crisp edge.  Once turfed we will replace white OOB posts leaving a much tidier first impression.

Back ache me thinks!

Ready for turf

1 side all done

Greens are filling in well after aeration but will need a further dressing in the next 5 days.  Tees are now back on grass with the exception of the 3 new Tees on the Upper.  10th and 18th will be back in play in the next 2 weeks and the 5th Tee has now been re-turfed.