Monday, 17 December 2018

The rear bunker on the 18th Lower is having a new revetted face.  Consisting of a wall of thick turf this will look great coming onto the course for the first time or from the balcony above.  In the New Year the other 2 bunkers at the rear on this hole are being revetted plus the left bunker on the 18th Upper.


First layers

 The 10th Upper Tee bank has been removed and replaced with a low sleeper wall as can be seen in the below picture.  In January this Tee is being raised and levelled in order to complete rebuild of this hole.
10th Tee Upper

 The last batch of paths is now finished with extensions and top ups on the 18, 17th and 14th Lower.

17th Lower
Once we are back during our 1st full week, Tee rebuilding will occur.  Starting at the 5th Upper we have an ambitious plan for Tee levelling/rebuilding in 2019. This together with all the new bunker faces and other ongoing projects will see a big step forward in course quality in 2019.