Saturday, 27 October 2018

What we really need now is rain.  Still dry around the course.  Tees have filled in well,  fairways are a long way away and greens every day are slowly knitting together.  All tees and fairways have been fed to aid recovery.  Tees have also recieved a Herbicide to tackle weeds.

Much better
 Winter projects are continuing at a pace with turf arriving this week to finish the 10th Upper.  Small pot bunker has now gone and both this, the new revetted face and all surrounding areas being turfed this week.  The pot bunker was an unused and unseen hazard so we have removed this and will create an apron to the side of the green.

Bunker not used or seen
The 4th fairway bunkers on the Upper have now been filled, fed and seeded these were a hang up from the short drives of the olden days.  The 5th fairway bunkers are also scheduled to go this side of Christmas.
filled in on 4th
 Like the 10th Upper the 9th has suffered problems with large dry areas under trees.  This part of the surround is so poor, sand constantly runs onto the green in the rain ruining this surface also.  The large chestnut has been trimmed and a path will be extended here once turf is down.

Roughed up ready to key in turf
 The shot below is the right side of the 12th Tee Lower.  An exciting project started with the 11th bunker complex last year and concluding with changes around the 12th green this year.  A new walkway to the right side of the 12th Tee will be opened in spring allowing a different approach to the 12th hole increasing the wow factor in this corner of the course.

Starting to take shape

Monday, 1 October 2018

The 10th bunker Upper looking quite sexy already.  Re-shaping with new drainage and sand followed by a path around the right of the hole.

Rough shaping

Marking out new edge