Sunday, 10 September 2017

Course has recovered very well after Hollow tining and greens are now strong and healthy ready for the Autumn onslaught of disease.  The 12th lower and a few other greens have a disease called dollar spot. The 12th has been sprayed with the others being allowed to grow the disease out and fill in naturally.
Dollar Spot

All greens will be sprayed with a preventative fungicide within the next month.  This will keep disease levels down and keep surfaces clean going through Autumn.  We will spray 6 weeks after the first application hoping this will carry the sward disease free into the new year.

Focus on the course now moves to turf improvements for next year.  We will begin with hollow-tining approaches, about 2 inches depth followed by topdressing with a sand soil mix.  This should take a week and will be followed by all tees.  As we move through September extra rain should soften up the soil profile allowing use to feed weak areas around the greens and begin aeration across the rest of the course.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the greens back to near their best. During the early summer the upper greens were playing exceptionally well after an earlier tining, I think that was this year or late last year.

    With the fungicide, is that harmful to wildlife and humans?