Friday, 9 November 2018

Winter is fast approaching now with recovery on surfaces much harder and any marks starting to become more visible.  Lower was solid-tined this week followed by a light topdress to further fill any imperfections.  Poor recovery on fairways after summer has left lack of grass, now slick after the rain looking unsightly and making buggy use difficult in certain areas.

A constant bug bare was the 12th bunker lower.  Wash out after even the lightest rain and in the wrong place this bunker has now been removed and will be turfed on Wednesday.  The path has been carried further down to allow buggies to stay clear of the green in the winter.  As winter progresses a new bunker will be inserted to the right of the green along with an apron.


Filled awaiting level
Bunkers on the 3rd, 5th and 10th of the lower are recieving a low revetted face, toward the green.  This will balance the bunker, with a rough out of play back edge and a clean, sharp front face.  The process is slow with the base being levelled and each layer of turf compacted down before finally turfed.  3rd and 5th will be done first with the 10th later in the winter.

Based prepared for turf

 The left bunker on the 3rd has a slightly higher face for the visual impact on the approach shot with the right bunker keeping the same height face.

Left 3rd

Ooh sexy

Pathways on the course are continuing to be levelled, extended and improved.  18th lower has been shortened and relevelled.  Next week 12, 14 and 17 on the lower will have new levels of path toppings, all with extensions