Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A week of proper greenkeeping with lots of Autumn activity taking place.  All aprons, large par 3's and Tees hollow-tined down to 2.5" with the cores being blown off.  This will relieve compaction and reduce those bare areas as turf quality improves.

Hollow-tining aprons

Tining Tees
 A small wildflower tester area has been seeded ready for spring flowering.  It is hoped this seed will come through in early summer giving us a display of colour.  Other parts of the course are being planned to add interest and habitat at various points on the course.
Wildflower seed
 The 14th back Tee Upper is now receiving our attention.  The mat has been removed and the irrigation box to the rear of the Tee repaired.  Cores from all the Hollow-ting are being spread on this tee which will be over-seeded, heavily feed and generally given lots of love over the winter.  There is a chance it may have to be rebuilt but we are giving this cheaper and easier option a go first.
14th Tee Upper

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