Monday, 20 March 2017

The lower has been topdressed with 1.25 tons per green, followed by solid-tine down to 2.5". Followed by brushing and a light granular feed.  This is to be repeated on the upper as soon as weather dictates.  The great picture below shows close up the different lengths of grass within the same sward.  Highlighting the need for regular brushing of the greens.

A few days of bumpy greens to allow the sand to work into the surface and we can now roll and cut the lower to bring them back into good shape

10th lower, grass should all be the same length!

13th Lower

Spacing pattern

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Welcome to the new blog for Hainault Golf Club.  I hope to keep you entertained and maybe even educated by this new blog.  It will be occasional with lots of pictures and maybe even the odd video (can't wait to get the drone above the course).

This will be only part of our new drive to communicate with all of you.  Starting soon we will see a regular monthly newsletter style piece along with this blog and updates on current coursework.

Constructive comments will always be welcome and I will endeavour to answer all correspondence.

A little tidy around the entrance area.  Edged, gravel and posts re-painted.



Tees on the lower have all been solid-tined.  This week we are tining the upper tees, followed on Tuesday with solid-ting and dressing of the lower greens(weather permitting).  No hollow-tining this spring so it is important we push sand into the green before brushing and then feeding with a light granular.  We are looking for good recovery of winter disease scars but not to much growth, creating soft surfaces.  So a light granular feed followed by regular feeding with the sprayer will be the plan this summer.

Tees Lower