Monday, 30 April 2018

Loving the new flag pins.  The course is now getting a fresher feel as markers across the site are being updated.


 Not all good at  the moment.  This is the 6th green lower.  A burst pipe spreading hydraulic oil across part of the green.  The second picture is a close up of the green so we are hopeful of fast recovery once we have tined dressed and seeded this part of the green.

Not very shiny

Promising recovery
 This fairway mower unit suffered extensive damage when a part of the reel broke off and smashed another part of the reel.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Greens have been verti cut this week and are starting to fill in.  Next week will see a further mini-solid tine and topdress to smooth out surfaces, along with a little feed just to tickle them over.  At the end of the week tees and aprons are receiving a wetting agent plus seaweed to help with plant health during the summer months.   Odd jobs being finished through the week have included astro turf around the clubhouse and a small area wood chipped by the pro shop.  The foot cleaner has been painted and is eventually working after a delay for parts.

Tidying up

New aprons are being cut and shaped on both 7th Upper and 11th Lower.  This should see balls attacking the Sunday hole position roll right back down the hill if poorly struck.

Get it fast and glassy.

Friday, 6 April 2018

A few small jobs are now being squared off ready for Spring.  Lawns at the entrance are being re-turfed.


Looking tidier

Leak for the last number of years, with constant breaks in the same area.  Rather than a quick fix in the height of summer as we have been doing, the whole area has been cleared and fixed properly.

Very complicated

Nearly done
At some point soon it is hoped the rain will stop and the course will dry, in the meantime new furniture is going out including new markers on the lower.  Cups and bins across the whole course.

Nice and shiny

The Driving range with it's horrible large puddle is finally being 
drained.  Hopefully in the next few we should be able to tidy this whole area up and get the range itself looking a little but cleaner.