Monday, 15 April 2019

Last few jobs being finished before we concentrate on the golf course for the summer.  Lawns out the front are and have consistently been rubbish so we are replacing with membrane topped up with bark.  Once these are finished we will be putting in some planters and brightening up the entrance.


 White posts around the putting green are being removed.  They serve no purpose and are a visual eyesore.  We have pulled out the posts and then ground out the remaining tarmac to create a clean crisp edge.  Once turfed we will replace white OOB posts leaving a much tidier first impression.

Back ache me thinks!

Ready for turf

1 side all done

Greens are filling in well after aeration but will need a further dressing in the next 5 days.  Tees are now back on grass with the exception of the 3 new Tees on the Upper.  10th and 18th will be back in play in the next 2 weeks and the 5th Tee has now been re-turfed.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Starting to get the feeling the weather is changing.  Although unsettled weather wise, grass is definitely moving and density across all areas is improving.  Greens are now ticking along nicely and will have no machinery across them until they dry.  By early April I would expect conditions to be conducive to dressing and aeration.  This will follow the pattern of previous years with a heavy sand dressing and solid tined after.  This will leave a poor surface for a few days but will bounce back quickly as we are not Hollow-tining.

18th Upper
Project work on the course is almost finished for the winter with a number of loose ends to tie up before the end of the month.  The 10th, 18th and back Tee on the 13th Upper have all been laid and are really ready for a cut.  Weather has stopped us on the 5th Tee but the main shapes have been cut and a few days of dry weather and hard work and this Tee will be ready for turfing.  All of these Tees have had new irrigation pipe rerouted and laid, along with re positioning of sprinklers.  Whilst we relay Tees we are taking the opportunity to improve paths, access and tidy up years of wear around Tee complexes as can be seen below.

New path 18th
10th Tee in action
After not being happy with the finish and drainage work on the 15th bunkers we have gone back over these areas with new drainage and both are now in play looking very tidy.  Working on a open hole means it will take most of spring to really knit turf in and create a more complete hole. 

15th Upper looking good
Alongside all of this project work is our regular schedule.  This has included fertilising all aprons, poor tees, all poor areas around green surrounds and any new turf.  Fairways have all been fed with a concoction of Nitrogen and Iron for both growth and to eliminate extensive Moss after the dry summer last year.  Tees are being tined and dressed within the next few weeks ready for play early next month.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Course is starting to take shape after the better weather of the last 2 weeks.  Greens have received a light feed, patches are being constantly filled with sand and disease scars have been kept to a minimal.  Tees and high wear areas are being fed in the next week.

The picture below is the bank on the 12th Tee lower being returfed and tidied ready for the coming season.  We have also returfed the 13th back Tee Upper and added a new path to get to this back Tee.

12th  Tee

The 10th Tee Upper has now had a rough level and is waiting only for some dry days ready for final prep and turf.

Tree removal aiding light levels

Nearly ready
 The 3 bunkers on the back of 18th are now complete and looking great in the sun.

New bunkers 18
 After trying out a sump we have had to install a drain on the 15th bunkers Upper.  The right bunker is now in play and the left bunker should be finished by the middle of next week.

Now a dry bunker

A modified back for the pro gator will help us when chipping on the course moving chipping to where we need them

A little engineering
 Finally as part of the clubhouse repaint the old notice board has been re commissioned for the greenstaff.  This will contain lots of picture and information about current and up and coming jobs.

Notice board

Monday, 28 January 2019

For 2 weeks we have had a 14ton excavator on site.  With large areas of soil to move on some projects we felt the need for something this big.  3 tees have been roughly shaped with the 5th Upper particularly needing major soil movement.  The path reshaped, ditch filled, water re-routed, new shaped tee along with new irrigation.  Once the snow of the next week passes these tees will be final levelled and prepped ready for turf.

What a mess

Nearly level
 Alongside the tees, the digger has also cleared ponds on the 6th and 7th Lower.  We have opened up great vistas through 3 golf holes as well as improving the visual across the 7th from the Tee.


The 3 bunkers to the rear of the 18th Lower are having a facelift with revetted turf going in and turf arriving in the next week for the top. 

Looking good

My favourite project of the whole winter below is the new path around the back of the 12th lower.  This path will meander through the trees to the tee with a new bank, sleeper edge and will create a great feel to the approach to one of the best holes on the course.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Carrying on with our list of small jobs in the last week.  A new drain infront of the 18th Upper to try and move water away from the apron.

18th Upper

Irrigation work is ongoing with complete new system on the PG and in the next few weeks the 12th Upper.  Whilst the weather is good aeration is the order of the day.  Solid tine across all path ends, walkways and poor areas.  Greens are being tined with a light dress in the next week.  Then tines swapped ready for Apron and Tee hollow tining on the lower.  Wednesday will see fairway slitting started again and collars will be tidied up later in the week.  
More holes

The picture below is disease on a green.  Although weather has now cooled this disease was looking like it might take off last week so fungicide was used again to help with disease pressure.

Rampant disease