Tuesday, 21 June 2022


Dry, dry, dry is the order of the day.  Course looking and playing really well.  Surfaces in a good place for June with our focus just on further refinement and improvement as we move into the summer months

Looking good

The rough after its usual mad growth of the last month is settling down.  Some areas of uncut are still too thick so we will address these as the plant begins to dry out.

Rough clean

Our biggest achievement in the last number of years is improving irrigation pressure and consistency.  We are now able to tailor greens much more easily, meaning we can lower greens height and push them that little bit more than in the past.  This extra time gained by greens efficiency's mean we can now move to watering and divoting tees on a regular basis through the season.

Good coverage

Now we have broken the back of the mowing in spring those jobs left over from early season can be finished.  The 3rd Tee is ready for its final soil topping and level and we may turf as early as next week.  Also we are turfing the 13th Old at the same time.  After a few covid affected years we will be restarting bunker improvements on the course in July.