Monday, 14 August 2017

After a long difficult week weather and work wise Hollowtining is all complete.  The storm on Wednesday meant we had to continue into Thursday and fertilising of putting surfaces was not completed until Monday the 14th.  The overall process has gone well and we wait now to achieve full recovery within a few weeks.  We estimate over 350,000 cores were picked up by hand and we applied a very impressive 75 tons of sand across both courses.

This means we have applied over 100 tons across each course since March.  This will be a recurrent theme in the next few years whilst we reduce thatch within the sward to more manageable levels.

This week and next, daily course set up will take centre stage with all areas being cut back to our standard now tining is finished.

Next work on the agenda once September arrives is Hollowtining of Aprons and Tees together with a heavy dressing.  Once this is done it will be Autumn and we will then begin deep tining of all areas including greens, Tees and weak areas around green complexes, fairway slitting and Autumn renovations.   

Very good level of fill

Endless brushing and matting

Lots of cores to pick up

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Aeration going well but not fast enough.

Endless amount of cores to be picked by hand.

Over 2 ton of sand added to each green.

And still we can't fill all the holes.

Greens to be feed and then rolled through the week.  Wednesday will see rubbish weather so may create problems in finishing our final 12 greens on the lower but we can but hope.