Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The new tee on the 7th Upper is now all finished.  Around twice the size of the original Tee with all the undergrowth cleared to push the rabbits further into the woods.
Nearly prepared

Oh! a new Tee
All finished
 Next week we are moving to turfing small areas on the courses.  The back of 18th Upper is first with the 17th Upper collar next on the list.  We will then move onto small patches around the course.

18th Upper
 Next Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday the Upper course will be closed.  Greens are being deep tined down to 8 inches.  Whilst this is going on, the middle bunker on the 7th hole is being removed.
This will make the hole look better and will bring the apron into play allowing the ball to roll back from the green, creating an exiting shot. 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The 7th Tee renewal has begun on the Upper.  Lots of scrub, small trees and 2 larger trees removed to enable new tee construction to take place.  Leveling has begun and should be finished by the end of the week ready for turf early next week.  The Tee will have complete new irrigation including new sprinklers and will have a playing area over 50% larger than the old Tee.

7th Tee

Trees Removed

During Clearance
 Other areas to be turfed in this phase are finish the 1st Tee, 17th and 18th collar Upper and the surround to the rear of the 18th Upper.
 This photo is actually the 14th Tee Upper last week.  It has just had its 2nd cut and is awaiting some much needed rain in the next few days.  
14th Tee

All greens have had a light V-cut this week to clean out some dead material followed by a topdress of half a ton of sand per green.  This will be the last topdress of the season and brings the total sand applied to 110 ton per course.   

Growth rates have been phenomenal in the last few weeks so cutting grass is a priority this week.  Once we hit next week the plan is slitting fairways again, deep tine tee tops, walk offs, path ends and onto deep tining greens at the beginning of November. 

Monday, 9 October 2017

New Tee on the 1st is almost finished.


No resting, onto the 7th Tee upper on Tuesday afternoon