Saturday, 22 February 2020

Whilst the course is very wet and has been since before Christmas we are still trying to improve in other areas and not do to much damage to the playing surfaces.

The 9th hole Upper has had a number of rotting branches from the Silver Birch so the decision was taken to remove the whole tree plus a fw others and protect everyone in that area.  We have also planted gorse in amongst these stumps in order to begin to block out the view behind this green

Rotten trees gone

Repairs and improvements are ongoing to machinery.  In this case lighting reattached to the greens mower and the bunker rake recieving a light rig for the first time.

there goes another finger

New bins have gone out on the 12th and 14th Upper with both having new surfaces this winter.  The 14th has been delayed by the wet weather but will be finished as soon as we see improvements.
Simple and tidy

Powerwashing of steps from veranda and down to the VIP suite tidy this area up nicely.