Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Course is starting to take shape after the better weather of the last 2 weeks.  Greens have received a light feed, patches are being constantly filled with sand and disease scars have been kept to a minimal.  Tees and high wear areas are being fed in the next week.

The picture below is the bank on the 12th Tee lower being returfed and tidied ready for the coming season.  We have also returfed the 13th back Tee Upper and added a new path to get to this back Tee.

12th  Tee

The 10th Tee Upper has now had a rough level and is waiting only for some dry days ready for final prep and turf.

Tree removal aiding light levels

Nearly ready
 The 3 bunkers on the back of 18th are now complete and looking great in the sun.

New bunkers 18
 After trying out a sump we have had to install a drain on the 15th bunkers Upper.  The right bunker is now in play and the left bunker should be finished by the middle of next week.

Now a dry bunker

A modified back for the pro gator will help us when chipping on the course moving chipping to where we need them

A little engineering
 Finally as part of the clubhouse repaint the old notice board has been re commissioned for the greenstaff.  This will contain lots of picture and information about current and up and coming jobs.

Notice board