Monday, 28 January 2019

For 2 weeks we have had a 14ton excavator on site.  With large areas of soil to move on some projects we felt the need for something this big.  3 tees have been roughly shaped with the 5th Upper particularly needing major soil movement.  The path reshaped, ditch filled, water re-routed, new shaped tee along with new irrigation.  Once the snow of the next week passes these tees will be final levelled and prepped ready for turf.

What a mess

Nearly level
 Alongside the tees, the digger has also cleared ponds on the 6th and 7th Lower.  We have opened up great vistas through 3 golf holes as well as improving the visual across the 7th from the Tee.


The 3 bunkers to the rear of the 18th Lower are having a facelift with revetted turf going in and turf arriving in the next week for the top. 

Looking good

My favourite project of the whole winter below is the new path around the back of the 12th lower.  This path will meander through the trees to the tee with a new bank, sleeper edge and will create a great feel to the approach to one of the best holes on the course.

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Carrying on with our list of small jobs in the last week.  A new drain infront of the 18th Upper to try and move water away from the apron.

18th Upper

Irrigation work is ongoing with complete new system on the PG and in the next few weeks the 12th Upper.  Whilst the weather is good aeration is the order of the day.  Solid tine across all path ends, walkways and poor areas.  Greens are being tined with a light dress in the next week.  Then tines swapped ready for Apron and Tee hollow tining on the lower.  Wednesday will see fairway slitting started again and collars will be tidied up later in the week.  
More holes

The picture below is disease on a green.  Although weather has now cooled this disease was looking like it might take off last week so fungicide was used again to help with disease pressure.

Rampant disease