Friday, 29 May 2020

Greens are slowly moving in a positive direction.  The greens are being verti-cut deeply next week and this will make a big difference with smoothness.  We then need to start sand dressings to further refine surfaces.

Lots of Bent grass in the greens

Verti-cut ready for action
 Not all things improving on the course after having a massive oil leak on the back of 10 Lower.  There is know way this will grow back so once the grass has died, we will cut, lift and returf this area.
Not all good

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Well we have just opened but it's not pretty.  Long, long rough.  Tatty all over and greens weeks behind were they should be.  This is what a green looks like only being cut once a week.

Greens cut once a week
Onwards we go however.  The next 2 weeks will see constant cutting across all areas to try and get the course back to our usual standard.  Greens however with the dry weather and the obvious delay in achieving our normal standard are way behind.  We will start with some light dressings, a little more feed and begin to refine the sward with brushing, v-cutting and regular mowing.

Looking a little better
 The greener bent grass seen in this picture is slowly filling into bare areas on greens.  This species is better able to deal with autumn disease and will provide better more consistent surfaces in the long term.  The dry spring and slightly longer cut on greens has helped increase this percentage.

Lots of bents moving into the greens