Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Work begins on the 1st Tee Upper this week.  First clearing everything away from the old Tee.  Hedge removed, mat moved forward where it will stay all winter.  Tees moved near lady's and will be in this area until mats are used later in the winter.
Bye bye hedge

moving mat
 The tee is being shortened at the front and widened around the sides to create a rectangular tee.  Irrigation is being moved to the tee edges which will create a more uniform and efficient water arc.
re-shape Tee

Also on this week is tee divoting.  Following on from hollowting, tees are being thoroughly divotted and seeded whilst we still have good soil temperatures.  We have started slitting fairways on the course to aid air and water movement through the profile.  This will probably continue into early next week.
Lots of slits please

You don't get that view in an office

Friday, 22 September 2017

 The course is looking good for the first day of Autumn.  Lots of cutting on the course this week whilst growth is still good.  4 of the staff attended a tree survey course during the week.  This will enable us to write a concise, accurate and detailed plan of potentially dangerous, damaged and diseased plants on the course.  Allowing a timeline for actions in each case.

Looking good
The 14th rear Tee upper has now been finished awaiting warm weather.  Cores from hollowtining were roughly spread and compacted, followed by a ton and a half of divot mix.  Once we had leveled using the bunker rake and then hand rake we seeded and fed the tee.  Some tree pruning was done and will help light levels and a grow cover will be used next week to speed up seed growth.




The first tee upper is about to be rebuilt.  By far the most uneven tee this will be completely remodeled over the coming weeks, with a new shape, irrigation, new levels and a re-turf before a relaunch in spring next year.  The tee will move to a mat from Monday morning.
Mats around the course have been cleaned this week although they won't be in-play until nearer November this year. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

A week of proper greenkeeping with lots of Autumn activity taking place.  All aprons, large par 3's and Tees hollow-tined down to 2.5" with the cores being blown off.  This will relieve compaction and reduce those bare areas as turf quality improves.

Hollow-tining aprons

Tining Tees
 A small wildflower tester area has been seeded ready for spring flowering.  It is hoped this seed will come through in early summer giving us a display of colour.  Other parts of the course are being planned to add interest and habitat at various points on the course.
Wildflower seed
 The 14th back Tee Upper is now receiving our attention.  The mat has been removed and the irrigation box to the rear of the Tee repaired.  Cores from all the Hollow-ting are being spread on this tee which will be over-seeded, heavily feed and generally given lots of love over the winter.  There is a chance it may have to be rebuilt but we are giving this cheaper and easier option a go first.
14th Tee Upper

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Course has recovered very well after Hollow tining and greens are now strong and healthy ready for the Autumn onslaught of disease.  The 12th lower and a few other greens have a disease called dollar spot. The 12th has been sprayed with the others being allowed to grow the disease out and fill in naturally.
Dollar Spot

All greens will be sprayed with a preventative fungicide within the next month.  This will keep disease levels down and keep surfaces clean going through Autumn.  We will spray 6 weeks after the first application hoping this will carry the sward disease free into the new year.

Focus on the course now moves to turf improvements for next year.  We will begin with hollow-tining approaches, about 2 inches depth followed by topdressing with a sand soil mix.  This should take a week and will be followed by all tees.  As we move through September extra rain should soften up the soil profile allowing use to feed weak areas around the greens and begin aeration across the rest of the course.