Sunday, 27 March 2022

As the weather has improved, so the list of jobs has changed tack.  Greens have had a 10mm solid tine down to 100 mm.  Each green has also received half a ton of sand.  This along with a heavier than normal application of fertiliser has helped push them along.  Still a fair bit of scaring but overall, looking and putting well.  Cutting has begun on most surfaces and course is starting to improve across all areas.

This false spring will soon give way to more typical weather which will help us get back on course with other work.  Still to complete new ladies Tee on the 1st Old course and maybe 13th Old along with the back Tee on 13th old.  Also yet to start but a high priority is the new Tee on the 3rd London.

The 1st Tee Old has had a little tidy up, we have added a terraced bed behind the Tee and will bark and plant it this week.

1st Old

Ready for plants

We have also rebuilt a new mat at the front of this Tee ready for the new winter season.  A good deal of the mats are in poor shape across the courses so addressing these will be an aim before next winter.  We also have a number of improvements and additions to make on our pathways before the next winter season.

New Mat