Friday, 10 January 2020

Had a bit time of the blog but am back now with lots of pictures and not to many words.

Great overhead
The last of the bunkers to be revetted last year on the 2nd green Upper.  Base of the bunkers now dug out and smoothed over with sand added in the last few weeks.  We have also added a path extension and cut drainage out of both bunkers.
Left 3rd Upper

Right Bunker Upper

12th Tee Upper
 The 12th Tee Upper has now been relevelled, irrigation moved and the Tee has been turfed.

Putting Green

Putting green edge was also turfed to create a clean look and tidy finish.

Drainage has been the focus over the last month with a number of bunkers being drained, an Approach and with the poor Autumn weather a plan for a further 6 Approaches to be drained over the next 12 months.

5th Approach

18th Upper