Saturday, 26 September 2020

 Course Investments

Over the coming weeks the course is receiving investments of nearly  £500,000  pounds.  The new fleet of machinery is finally arriving and will trigger a period of substantial investment in the next 6 months.  Listed below is machinery being delivered in the next 2 weeks.

Greens x2

Tees x2

Fairways x 2

Semi rough



Turf Iron

We will also be adding an excavator to our fleet.  This will enable us to expand the window where we can carry out projects through all seasons.

Alongside this we are moving forward with continued course improvements.  Bunker on the 16th Old has now been finished awaiting sand.  From there we are moving to the 13th greenside bunker on the Old, removing the fairway bunker, moving the greenside and tucking it into the green with a revetted face.

A new waste disposal system has just been installed in the car park which will improve water and electricity efficiency and has a much smaller footprint across the site.