Monday, 22 November 2021

With the weather for the whole of November being dry the course is in very good condition.  We have completed aeration across much of the course including tining on tees and aprons and slitting across all fairways.  Rope is going out with more still to come and we have started sanding high wear areas. 
The steps on the 15th Old have had matting across, to improve purchase in winter and the 1st London has had a new drain installed across the low point of this green.

15th Tee Old


Back filling

Path continued from 12 around behind the 13th tee and on to the fairway.  This is the last of the major path improvements this year with some extensions and topping up needed across the courses.  In due course we will also redrain and reiinstate the 9th green London to stop water lying on the surface.

Still more cutting on fairways after slitting on all holes.  We have now moved onto winter tee mats, 7th Upper has been moved and mat on the 3rd London will be moved closed to the ladies this week.


The job has some compensations this time of year with the falling leaves.

14th London


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