Friday, 7 January 2022

The course was looking pretty good through till late December but as always the weather has it's own agenda.  With 1 more poor day to go the next 2 weeks looks much drier and brighter.  To stay of the course as much as possible we are undertaking reinstatement to woodland edges.  Pushing the tree line back to enable a wider golf hole with improved airflow.  The 12th and 14th London are finished with the 13th being next on the list.  We are using some of the arising to block up the perimeter around 2 and 3 which will help keep people off the course.

14th London

With the course being wet, getting to surfaces is very difficult.  Disease patches have spread slowly in the last 3 weeks creating small poor areas on most greens.  Although not ideal we are not to concerned as the amounts are small and once weather improves we can begin to repair these areas.
Microdocium patch

New 1st Tee on the London has been measured up ready for building.  This will be a high quality mat and is long overdue in replacing one of the worst tees on the course.  This should be finished within the week.

1st Tee

Although we have put bunker rebuilding on the back burner temporarily this greenside on 13th Old has been filled in, with rarely a customer it will be better served as a grassy swale once complete.

13th Old

Ditch clearence has been an ongoing feature in the last 6 weeks with most now complete.  This will help move water off the golf course and also identify any pipework that has been lost with the passage of time. 

4th Tee London


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