Thursday, 12 July 2018

Greens are now improving after some fierce heat and the next week sees a chance of rain which will help.  Currently we are 44 days without rain as of today, although the wet winter has definitely helped maintain grass on tees and fairways.
A light solid tine this week just to get air and water through the profile.  Course has really browned of now, giving us time to further tackle irrigation problems.  At the back of the week greens are being brushed to improve surfaces and this practice will continue now right through August as we look to get greens back to acceptable condition.

Hollow-tining will begin the week commencing August the 6th on the Lower.  Lower course will be closed for 1 and a half days.  The Upper will follow the exact pattern a week later.  If the weather breaks and we get significant rain the plan is to hollow-tine aprons and tees during those weeks.

Lots of holes

 We are hopeful that an irrigation pipe extension behind 7th Upper will improve flow to around 6 greens on the course and are planning to add a further extension in the autumn. The pipe is currently on the surface and will be dug in once ground allow. 

Pipe extension
Poor pressure 6th Upper
 Some shots around the course show the contrast between the brown and green.

1st Lower

13th Lower

1st Lower

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