Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Lots of maintenance on the course over the next few weeks.
Hollow-tine down to 65mm with 10mm inner tines across Lower greens.  Greens have been brushed, seeded, brushed, cut and finally rolled.  The following day fertilised and heavily watered.


Over Seeded

Brush, cut and rolled

Areas on greens are now beginning to die due to extended dry spell.  These patches have struggled due to high humidity and as greens recover from tining we will get a better idea of the scale of these patches.  To help with this recovery more Nitrogen has been applied and greens have been raised to 5mm.  If sward recovery is good, we may lower height back down after a few weeks.
Dead or just dormant?
we will have a better idea in a week
probably a bit of both on this one

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