Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A poor few weeks weather with no rain for nearly 5 weeks.  Greens have been feed, dressed, tined, dressed, feed, heavily watered and still refuse to significantly improve.  

This week we have verti-cut both courses followed by a light dress, 18 ton across both courses, rolled and finally cut.  We are now at a turning point and the warm weather next week will finally see some growth but only on watered areas of the course.  For the rest, spring is slowly slipping by which is a real worry.  

Broken irrigation boxes are being replaced and lots of sprinklers are being straightened, reset or even replaced ready for the upcoming summer.

The picture below is a core pulled from the 14th green lower.  You can clearly see the seam of fresh sand from spring tining which is very encouraging but also the browner, dryer, thatchy area below, so much is still to be done to firm up surfaces ready for the wetter months. 
14th Lower Core

One of the old buggies has been fixed, painted and reconditioned. This gives us an extra machine to run around on during busy times.

Tee plinths around the course and fairway markers have been cleaned.  Sprinklers are all being trimmed.
Tee Plinths
A poor spring for Bluebells with the cold dry weather spoiling the colour and bloom

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