Wednesday, 10 May 2017

What can you say when the course is this dry in early May.  Greens are filling in and starting to smooth out.  The rest of the course is incredibly dry.  Some jobs whilst the weather is in it's current stasis include:  New bins/signs on the 1st and 8th Lower.  Re-positioned bin on the 4th lower with a view to replace all the horrible golf bag bins eventually.  Irrigation repairs on 7th lower with the unsightly hole filled in and the 18th upper fixed and filled.  New additional sprinkler fitted to the middle of the 16th T upper to try and improve this rubbish area.  Work beginning around the entrance to improve the experience    

New sign/bin position

Great view

The fairways have been narrowed and are now cut in a light/dark fashion to create a different feel. This pattern allows the eye to focus on the shot rather than the stripes all the time.  You can see in this picture an Augusta thing going on with tandem mowing don't think well make a habit of it but it makes a good photo.

As always with greenstaff, jack of all trades comes to mind.  Here the Deputy is getting a haircut from our Mechanic.  The things we do on our lunch break!!

Tees height please

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