Thursday, 27 September 2018

Lots going on at the moment on the golf course.  Upper greens have been tined and dressed to further help fill in summer damage and in the main are looking and playing much better.  Lower greens are scheduled for early next week.  Greens have received their first fungicide application and are looking very healthy coming into a difficult high disease period. 

All Upper tees and poor Lower tees have been heavily dressed and fed and are beginning to fill in.  16th path is now finished with mats moved on both 16 and 17 Upper ready for winter.

Mat moved
Next on the agenda for the digger is the 10th path Upper.  This will extend from the tee all the way to the right behind the green and join up with the 11th path.

Path re-routed
Once this is finished we are beginning tee renovations with a number of rebuilds and relevelling on the cards.

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