Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Re development of the 11th green complex on the lower has now begun.  All 4 bunkers are being destroyed and re-built with new faces, shape changes and re-positioning.  The front bunker is being rolled down to create a softer more forgiving shot out.  Both bunkers on the right however are being transformed into pot bunkers, at the base of steep banking running down from the green.  The path on the left is being removed with drainage channels installed to keep apron free from mud and water.  The left bunker is being moved closer to the green to create a difficult 'splash out' if the ball is pulled to the left and finally the approach to the green will now be cut short to allow balls to run back from the green towards the bunkers.
Front bunker

Back right no more

Right bunker gone ready to be rebuilt

The object of these changes is not to make the hole more difficult but to make it more memorable.  This will address what was a weak par 3 coming before an excellent 12th hole and will make this corner of holes much more exciting.
As the week moves forward the bunkers will take shape and by the weekend rough finishes should be evident on all 4 bunkers.

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