Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Work begins on the 1st Tee Upper this week.  First clearing everything away from the old Tee.  Hedge removed, mat moved forward where it will stay all winter.  Tees moved near lady's and will be in this area until mats are used later in the winter.
Bye bye hedge

moving mat
 The tee is being shortened at the front and widened around the sides to create a rectangular tee.  Irrigation is being moved to the tee edges which will create a more uniform and efficient water arc.
re-shape Tee

Also on this week is tee divoting.  Following on from hollowting, tees are being thoroughly divotted and seeded whilst we still have good soil temperatures.  We have started slitting fairways on the course to aid air and water movement through the profile.  This will probably continue into early next week.
Lots of slits please

You don't get that view in an office

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