Saturday, 30 April 2022

As to be expected this time of year we are waiting for the weather to break.  Surfaces are in the main in good condition, greens are just in need of refinement.  Some dressings and light tining will be undertaken in the next 2 weeks.  By then we should have had rain and greens will come alive.  We have fitted a new valve assembly to the 17th London, which has fixed an annoying leak but will also improve pressure to the green.

17th London

The new 3rd Tee London is taking shape and I would expect to see this turfed in the next few weeks.  This will obviously impact on yardage but we are planning to move the centre of the fairway left to gain a few yards and make the shot a little more interesting.

3rd London

All the tree work we have undertaken in the last few months is coming to an end.  The final few areas of bramble at the tree edges is been finished and that will be it till next winter.  Woodland edges are already looking better, more bluebells poking up but also less potential from falling bits as we've cleaned most of the weak, problem areas

Bramble clearance

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