Tuesday, 22 February 2022

 Its all about the trees at the moment.  After some incredibly windy days, clearing of damage has been an ongoing job in the last week.  A number have fallen, plus a few branches have snapped of in problem areas but mainly its just the volume of bits littered everywhere around greens and tees.

17th Fairway Old course

Endless tree work

Through the last 5 weeks and probably onto the next 4, we are concentrating on woodland management.
We had planned to start last winter but for obvious reasons are starting a little later.  Dead, diseased and dying trees, plus any poor specimens and rubbish growing out into the fairway line have been removed.  In most places we have gained between 5 and 8 metres on each side of the fairway.  This improves light and air movement to both the rough and the tree canopy.  We are hoping to finish at least 6 holes this winter and continue rolling on in the next 4-5 years before we start it all again.

The first batch of turfing has been finished with 3 bunkers on the Old removed and turfed plus lots of other little areas tidied with the turf.

14th London

7th Old turf


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