Friday, 28 January 2022

Course slowly starting to dry out so we can continue with more jobs around the course.  Long overdue and much needed, mats are now being power-washed with our new petrol machine.  We can also now clean various other items of furniture around the course and will not wait until winter in the future to clean mats.
Mat cleaning

We are continuing with changes to bunkers on the Old course.  The 7th has had left and back left bunkers filled in.  Left, will be a smooth roll of making the tee shot harder and more fun.  The right bunker will become a grass style bunker but will make a get out for a shot pushed that way making this a little easier from the tee.  For now the front bunker has been tidied with new sand but will be redesigned later this year.

Left 7th Old
Nearly finished

As we continue with tree work the 7th Old was tackled.  Mass tree removal, a new ditch added and this area is looking much better and should attract lots of errant shots this year. More light and better airflow will have a massive impact on this and all tree clearance areas
7th Green complex old

In the coming weeks all areas half finished will have turfed, more paths are being added across the courses and and woodland work is planned to continue.

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