Wednesday, 29 September 2021

 Very busy on the course at the moment.  Seeding has gone on, on Tees, Approaches and Greens.  As can be seen below greens in 2 directions with 3 grams of seed per m2.  The take has been excellent and we have slightly overfed to encourage this growth allowing seed to tiller quickly.

  Tees and Aprons are starting to fill in and have all been given extra feeds to encourage growth whilst the weather is good.  

New seed

As well as seeding Tees and Aprons, they have received  a slow release fertilizer and have been double verticut to clean out any straggly lateral growth.   We can also see all those broken tee pegs collected in the blades.

Old broken tee pegs

Verticut approaches

The seeding improvements can be seen in the below picture with the central, poor sward made up of undesirable grass and the more desirable species around the perimeter of the picture.

Species conversion

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