Tuesday, 27 March 2018

 Organic matter test have been conducted on 4 greens.  We now have data going back 3 years on 2 of the greens.  The graphs show significant improvement in 12 months and will help shape our future dressing and aeration strategy.

The 3 columns represent Organic Matter(dead grass, root, or any carbon based lifeform) concentrations across 3 different depths.  All of the samples have seen huge OM reductions within 1 year thanks in no small part to nearly 6 tons of sand per green across the year.  The only slight worry is the increased amounts of OM in 3 of the samples at 50 mm.  Greens have all been dressed with 1.25 ton of sand followed by tinning down to a depth of 75 mm, all greens are now completed ahead of the rain.  We are planning to go that extra bit deeper this season just to avoid a potential pan forming around the 50-60 mm zone, which may explain increased OM at the lower depths

OM concentrations have a direct impact on the playing surface.  More OM means softer, wetter, bumpier and more disease potential to the turf, so reduction down below 5% is an important step to better greens.

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