Monday, 8 January 2018

Looking to get the course back on track after heavy rain and poor round conditions through the last couple of weeks.

Early in the week course is getting a much needed cut.  Greens, tees, aprons and maybe even fairways will be cut this week along with bunkers getting a full rake.  Leaves within bunkers are getting blown and raked to further tidy them up.

Blown away
As we move through the week Tees are being solid-tined on 1 course, moving onto the second course early next week.  The path on the 11th Lower will be finished with planings, followed by a thin skim of planings on the 1st path Upper.  Back onto the 11th Lower we will be edging these new bunkers finishing drainage, and rolling this new turf area.

A bit close to the surface
Irrigation is being fixed in some areas, the 14th Tee Upper and 16th Tee Upper will have a new valve assembly by the end of the week.  The picture above is a pipe smashed by a solid-tine but the real culprit is poor installation, almost level with the surface.

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