Friday, 17 November 2017

Moving quickly on, the 10th T lower has now been destroyed and rebuilt.
We have removed almost 30 tons from the area to create a simple flat tee around 30% larger than before.  This Tee is now ready for a final level with turf to be ordered in the week depending on finding a weather window.
Shaping subsoil

New mat position
Slitting of fairways again is currently ongoing with the lower finished last week.  This week aeration will begin on poor areas around tees and greens, although ground conditions are still dry.  Greens are clean of disease, healthy and have good general fertility, so I would expect this to continue right through early December.

Standing still is not in our agenda so 2 poor tees have been addressed this week.  Both the 12 and 16th on the Upper are in a poor state.  Weak, lacking grass cover and very firm we have taken steps to improve these. Tined 2 ways with large hollow tines, matted, seeded, matted, fed and finally rolled.  It is obviously moving into winter now, so a sudden improvement will not happen but as we move into spring and tees come of mats I expect a massive jump in quality in both these tees.

poor tee


Ready for seed

This is the finish we hope for at the end of the week and make all the hard work worth it.

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