Friday, 14 July 2017

A light dress followed by solid-tine down to 2".  That brings the grand total over 100 ton of sand applied in the last 3 months.  Hollow tining is planned for early August and it is hoped by the end of the season we may get to 200 ton across the whole site.
Our obvious weakness is wet, soft, diseased winter greens so the more sand we can incorporate into the surface the better winter quality will be.

Irrigation is now fixed and greens are responding well, getting back to better, smoother surfaces.
Dry areas
Adam, our apprentice is now filling in the holes in his machinery knowledge and not only topdressed this week but also had a first go at tining.  By the end of the year he will have passed NVQ level 2 and be on the way in his career.

Trying to improve the definition in places ready for the autumn rains, when the whole course will take a big step forward.
18th Lower

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