Saturday, 8 April 2017

As always after a great weekend of golf, the reality of the game in the UK is our weather.  All the money in the world, all the staff and a great course but Augusta would not be possible without the climate to create good playing surfaces.  The weather has been warm during the day here but 3 of the last 6 mornings has seen a light frost in the mornings.  Together with the fact there has been no rain for 3 weeks.  Of the green all areas are filling in and the course is looking ok.  On the green with sandier surfaces growth is minimal.  Disease scars are slowly filling in and we are getting there, just not as fast as we want.

Image result for augusta photos
Its all about the weather
Some old tee steps are being taken away and filled although the remainder will be left till autumn.

Old steps
Improved definition

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